About the I'm Enough Masterclass

For over twenty years I’ve worked alongside women and regardless of location, education, or station in life, there’s been a common thread: women tend to have a low view of themselves. Instead of living in our own skin, we are constantly living in the “I’m not enough” narrative. This online I’m Enough Masterclass is about women learning how to live confidently in their own skin. In this Masterclass you will replace your go-to story of “not enough” with God’s story that “you’re enough.”
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About the I'm Enough Masterclass

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  • Dr. Jackie Roese

    Instructor & Online Pastor

    Dr. Jackie Roese

    Dr. Jackie Roese grew up working on her family farm in upstate New York. She focused that work ethic in pursuing her Masters and Doctorate degrees while raising three children. She has taught the scriptures and trained other women to do the same for more than 25 years. She envisioned, wrote, and oversaw the development of over 20 bible studies studied by women around the world. While working on her doctorate she developed, She Can Teach, a course that trains women to teach the Bible effectively. To coincide with the course, in 2013 Jackie published her first book, She Can Teach: Training Women to Teach the Scriptures Effectively. In 2012, Jackie founded The Marcella Project, an organization committed to reshaping the view of women. The Marcella Project’s goal is to ennoble women (lift up to dignity as Jesus intended) through Scripture-focused teaching, training, and dialogue. In 2015 Jackie wrote her second book, Lime Green: Reshaping Our View of Women in the Church. In the fall of 2018 she published her book, I’m Enough: Learning to Live Confidently in Your Own Skin and co-authored Relationshift: Changing the Conversation about Men and Women in the Church. Jackie also speaks around the U.S. at conferences and retreats. She has had the opportunity to teach and train women in Rwanda, Romania, and South Sudan. She and her husband, Steve, were influential in the start-up of the microfinance organization called, AWI, African Women’s Initiative. She has been married to Steve, Founder & President of Water Is Basic, for more than 30 years and has three young adult children, Hunter, Hampton, and Madison.


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